CLINIQUE Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum; Shrink those pesky pores!

CLINIQUE Pore Refining Serum

CLINIQUE Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum works wonders for reducing breakouts by making skin more taut over time.

Our pores enlarge in size as we age, especially after our early twenties. Skin’s external appearance is dictated by many factors that usually begin from the inside. Dehydration, hormone production, excess oils, genetics, and your diet play very important roles in the way your skin reacts. External irritants such as the sun and weather are also strong contributors to what could limit healthy skin renewal. Maintaining a healthy diet and drinking plenty of water is the easiest direction for prevention, aside from regular cleansing.

CLINIQUE’S Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum works to balance oil production and sebum; the leading causes we look to control to prevent breakouts. When skin is in excess of either of these, it can stimulate a inflammatory response due to the growth of bacteria.

This newer skin and pore care line is the velvety replacement of the original Pore Refining Lotion- now as a serum. I have used CLINIQUE’S Pore Minimizing Lotions before they were reformulated and revamped into the present day Correcting Serum. After having time for my skin to adjust, and improve, I understand why Clinique traded in for this formula. With almost a decade of use under my belt, I can say this IS my beauty secret. It’s absolutely at the top of my beauty necessities list; whether I’m wearing makeup that day or not. Many women have asked me about my smooth complexion and I always refer to this line. You can expect to see (and feel)immediate slight-mattifying when this serum is applied, and a little goes a long way! Remember: Be patient, this is a product that has cumulative effects. The longer and more frequently you use it, the better the results you will receive.

Once I have cleansed and swabbed astringent or toner over my face, I apply 2- 3 pumps of this pore serum in place of a normal “moisturizer.” Then I apply makeup! I find my skin to be balanced, moisturized, matte, and EXTREMELY soft to the eyes and touch. 4.5 of 5 stars.

2 thoughts on “CLINIQUE Pore Refining Solutions Correcting Serum; Shrink those pesky pores!

  1. I’ll have to test their minimizer out! I’ve only used the bareEscentuals (bareMinerals) Buxom Lip Plumer lip glosses and they are AMAZING!!!

  2. A good pore minimizer makes all the difference. I use bareMinerals brand and it works great.

    – KW

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